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Has ADHD , loves anime video games comics reading voice acting wants to become a voice actor finally getting his ass in gear to take the first steps

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Posted by MoisteroyterBoister - July 29th, 2020

My job opened back up after covid shut it down gonna use the money from Unemployment and the job to get a mic and such then get started on putting some stuff out for you guys to hear and give feed back on you maybe hear a voice other then my own my friend William has offered to help me with some of these so I have someone to hold a conversation with as my voices to make it Abit more organic maybe is the word but yes thank you all for sticking around and being so patient I really does mean alot to me I will be posting up stuff asap and if you have anything you would like to suggest it recommend I try out let me know

Posted by MoisteroyterBoister - May 15th, 2020

Welp it is out there Ashton is out in the wild and I am super fucking nervous right now and excited give it a listen tell me what you think in the meantime I am going to go and try not to lose my shit lol


Posted by MoisteroyterBoister - March 30th, 2020

I am going to get up off my ass stop doubting myself and go put myself out their as a VA right now I have two main voices I do characters in my head Ashton Uppercrust and Oliver C Hughes . I will get a mic and put up some lines done in both voices and at some point I will do a small bit of myself Ashton and Oliver all having a conversation with each other. I am super scared to do this but I want to know what people outside of my friends think I want to know what you guys think . I want and need criticism and pointers and advice . So to the four people who follow me wish me luck and thank you for follow and if any of you have pointers or advice pleas let me know